Home Made Red Wine ( Indian Edition)

To all the Wine Enthusiasts in India, Hopefully this article would help you make your own

Love the Color

wine at Home. Before we start, here are some interesting facts to pump you up.


  • Wine making is one of the oldest skills recorded in history.
  • It is a fun hobby to have, and a very good conversation starter
  • You can gift them to your friends with your own custom labels

Note before you start :

  1. It is going to take around 45 days to make wine, so be prepared. (21 Days
  2. Be calm, don’t be over excited and open the wine jar during fermentation
  3. Get someone to help you.
  4. Cleanliness is number One rule in Wine making

Now lets start with very Basics

Basically Sugar breaks down into Alcohol, Heat and Water.

Lets start making Wine

Ingredients :

  1. Black/Purple/Red Grapes: 1.5 Kg  – I got the best result with seedless grapes, Grapes
    Whole Wheat/Yeast/Sugar

    with seeds made my wine very bitter. If you want a good color for your wine, make sure when you get nice dark colored Grapes.

  2. Sugar: 1 Kg – Simple white sugar would do add less if grapes are already sweet.
  3. Yeast: 15 grams – Any simple “Activated dry yeast” would do. But do make sure it has not expired. And if form or bubbles are not formed when mixed with lukewarm water, that means you don’t have good Yeast. You can find it along with Baking goods in supermarket.
  4. Whole wheat: 50 grams – It is called Kanak in Punjabi/ And Gahu in Hindi. Can find in supermarket.
  5. Water: 2.5 liters – Distilled/Filtered Water.


  1. Ceramic Jar – They are the jars in which every Indian household stores Pickle(Achar). I will be posting a picture to let you know how it looks like. Get Appx 5 Liter one or more. (Based on the ratio of your ingredients)
  2. One Wooden Ladle – I prefer Wooden tools to be used here because they would be non reactive with the Wine.
  3. Old Wine Bottle – When making wine do it properly. Collect some Wine Bottles, bottling your wine in them would look awesome.
  4. For Filtration: One Normal Large Filter and One Fine Filter


Dividing the steps into 3 parts

  1. Cleaning
  2. Wine Making
  3. Filtration & Bottling


  1. One of the Golden Rule is keeping everything clean & Sterilized.IMG_6934
  2. Heat some water and clean the Ceramic Jar, and Dry it well. I would advise you NOT to take old Pickle Jar at home, because it would still have Pickle smell and odor. Get a new Jar, Sterilize it with hot water. ( If you follow Western Blogs, they use some kind of powder called PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) or some other powder mix to clean it)
  3. Wash the grapes well, remove all the stems, branches or rotten grapes from the lot. Wash it with warm water, we need to get rid of any dust, mud, wax or chemicals out of the grapes. (No matter you get the grapes from roadside or supermarket, clean them well).
  4. Clean whole wheat grains properly. Drain the water few times and clean it again properly.

Wine Making:-

  1. Take all the grapes in the Ceramic Jar and smash them, with a wooden ladle or you
    can use your hand too. (Make sure you wear gloves, if you use your hands). Note:- You don’t have to make Juice out of them, you just have to just crack them.
  2. Add the sugar, You don’t need to add complete 1 Kg, as it is too much. This depends on how Sweet your Grapes are.
  3. Add some Filtered Water, mix them well.
  4. Yeast for Fermentation :- Take Lukewarm Water in a bowl, add 2 tsp of Yeast. Mix the content well. You can add little sugar if you want. Wait for 10 Mins, you would see bubbles forming in the bowl of Yeast. (Be patient here, Once I used old Yeast and did not get very good results.)
  5. Add Yeast to the mix
  6. Add Whole Wheat (Kanak/Gahu) into the Jar
  7. Mix all the content well, until sugar dissolves.
  8. Close the lid with plastic cover make it air tight and keep it in a dark room.

Day to Day Activities :-

There is set of daily duties that you have to do in order to make wine, here is it.

  1. Every day for 21 days you, have to do this. IMG_20130407_152949
  2. Open the Lid and Air tight cover carefully
  3. What you will see is that Grapes have come up and you cannot see anything liquid.
  4. This is a good sign, which means fermentation has started.
  5. With a Wooden ladle stir the mix slowly.
  6. Once done, again close the lid airtight.
  7. Repeat this for 21 days.( Actually it is not exactly 21 days, you will notice that one day grapes no longer rise up this mean that main fermentation has stopped. You can continue doing it for some more days and then stop)
  8. After this we start with Filtration and Bottling


Filtration & Bottling

  1. After 21 days (Or when Fermentation is done), empty the content of the Jar into a FB_IMG_1456709496315container which would hold the wine, I used small size bucket. Make you have washed the Bucket with hot water to sterilize it.
  2. Now filter the Content using filter with Normal size Filter. (Similar to one used when pouring tea, but a lot bigger one)
  3. This would remove all grapes peals/ Wheat Seeds.
  4. Once done use Fine Filter to filter the content again. Now all you will have is watery Wine. Still there would be some suspended particle. But that’s alright in secondary fermentation the particles would settle down at the bottom and you will have fine wine ready.
  5. Once filtration is done, leave the wine for 20 more days, this would help in particles in the wine to settle down.
  6. Taste the wine, before you close. If you see need of adding sugar, add it. (I have never add it, but the site, I learnt from, mentions it.
  7. Keep Old Wine Bottles ready, washed and Sterilized.
  8. On 45th Day, use a small pipe(one used in Aquariums) , dip one end in Wine Jar (Make sure you don’t put the pipe all the way down, just one the surface) and other end in Old Wine Bottle. Suck the pipe let the wine flow, from Jar to Bottle. You will get clear wine you have been waiting for.


Let me list out some basic things that I have learnt making wine at home.

My Personal Learning:-

  1. Don’t go to some Western Websites and see How they make wine. Their process IMG_20130512_011711would be lot more advance since they have all equipment handy. All that would just confuse you more.
  2. First time keep it simple.
  3. I had tried making wine with Different kind of grapes. Seeded and Without Seed. Best result was with Without Seed Grapes. So I would recommend you to use that only for best result.
  4. I also tried to add some spices in wine like Cardamom, Cloves & Cinnamon Sticks, that too did not come out very well. Not that it would not come out well for you too. Just heads up.

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