Choco Lava Cake

What if you want to treat your loved one! This can be perfect gift for a couple. This is simple recipe which requires just one egg. And you can use one ceramic bowl to make this one. Ingredients 4 tbsp butter unsalted 85 grams bittersweet chocolate 1 egg 2 tbsp sugar 1 pinch salt 1 tbsp flour Making Choco Lava Cake Melt the bittersweetContinue reading “Choco Lava Cake”

Lemon Cake

This Lemon Cake recipe was the best, I ever made. I definitely want to keep this one for future reference. Do try this out it comes out really well. Best part of this recipe is that you can make this with one Lemon. Perfect for 2 people. Ingredients 110 g Unsalted butter 100 g GranulatedContinue reading “Lemon Cake”