Thai Spicy Minced Meat Aka Laap Moo/Kai

It would be wrong of me not to cook and post few of Thai Dish Recipes. Here is one of my favourite Thai Dish. Goes really well with Rice. One of main ingreditents of this dish is ‘Rosedee Menu’ LAAB Powder. So here is this recipe Thai Spicy Minced Meat ( Pork Or Chicken ).Continue reading “Thai Spicy Minced Meat Aka Laap Moo/Kai”

Thai Basil Chicken

Yet another Basil Recipe. This is because I love it and I grow it in my garden. 😀 Thai Basil Chicken Ingredients 2 Cups basil leaves 200 gms Boneless Chicken 3-4 Garlic cloves (Use according to your Taste) 3-4 Fresh Red or Green Chilli 2 Teaspoons of Soya Sauce 1 Teaspoon of Sugar 2 TeaspoonsContinue reading “Thai Basil Chicken”